Epoch Signature Green Ladies Bag

Epoch bags have a distinctive texture and are made of premium materials. The most crucial thing for Epoch is to produce bags of the highest caliber despite shifting fashion trends. It offers numerous slots with strong zip closures for keeping your things secure.

Daily-Work Natural Green Bag For Ladies

We create unique bags with supportive straps and a reliable zip closure that protect belongings from getting wet. It is a Spring Yellow double zip signature bag with a laptop compartment and room for a phone, papers, and a diary.

Effortless Styles
Bag For Ladies

The inner lining is designed with water-resistant material. Epoch offers eye-catching colors to draw in buyers. A compact size is chosen to carry the Epoch bag anywhere and everywhere.

specias inside Green Bag For Ladies

The Epoch bag is designed to be lightweight and compact. Carefully crafted, comfortable straps and a Zip Closure that protect belongings. It is a signature Green Ladies bag that can hold your phone, diary, paperwork along with Easily Fit a 15.6 Inch Laptop.