Cancellation Policy

What is our cancellation policy?

Cancellation prior to shipment: If your order or the item(s) you wish to cancel have not yet been dispatched, please contact our customer support staff at or by phone at 9667720201 between the hours of 12PM and 6PM, Monday to Friday. If this is the case, the order will be canceled and your money reimbursed to you within 48–72 hours of our properly processing your cancellation request.

Order cancellation after shipment: Please be aware that once an order has been dispatched, we are unable to accept any cancellation requests.


Are there any fees for cancellation?

If the order hasn’t left our warehouse yet, there are no cancellation fees, but after it has left our warehouse, we won’t be able to cancel it.

Contact us at to let us know if you wish to cancel or modify your order before it ships. However, the price you paid will be reduced by the real shipping costs the courier provider has already charged.